© 2015 by Elfriede Dreyer


National Arts Festival (NAF)

Grahamstown, Eastern Cape

26 June - 8 July 2018


I curated the exhibition HOME for NAF 2018. The participating artists form part of the CAP (Contemporary Art Practice) group from Pretoria and Johannesburg.

My two works on exhibition, Unrooted and Rooting (2018), map the human body in its utopian need for home as a place of safe shelter and belonging. The works relate to my personal experience of losing my home in the Knysna Great Fire of 2017, and my subsequent effort of setting up home all over again. Apart from my own experiences, the works also relate to modern life, in general characterised by induced human travel and migrancy, resulting in rhizomatic patterns of living. The bulbous rhizome can transplant and displace itself easily having shallow roots; a metaphor that reflects my own realisation that material goods are transient and human life like a boat precariously floating on water. In this sense the works engage with notions of home as heterotopia, and is grounded in my ongoing research in the subject area of utopian studies. The cartography of home in the two works shows mortal human flesh as unrooted and as rooting. . I selected a conceptual colour palette of embodiment in fleshy pinks and browns so as to evoke the metaphors of  wound, scar and crust, as well as the swollen edges of the wound on the skin when it starts healing.

Elfriede Dreyer, Unrooted, 2018.  Collage and mixed media, 1010 x 1280mm

Elfriede Dreyer, Rooting, 2018. Collage and mixed media, 1010 x 1280mm