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Cool Capital catalogue, Venice Architecture Biennial 2016

South African Venice Biennale 2016 Pavillion

Google scholar citations

Recent Acquisitions at Two South African Collections: UNISA and Durban Art Gallery

Dystopia & Education: Insights into Theory, Praxis, and Policy in an Age of UtopiaGoneWrong

Meeting The Challenges of University Arts Education

Dystopia and Education?

ISSN Print 0250-0167 ISSN Online 1753-5379 Accredited:(South African) Department of Higher Education and Training Affiliated: South African Communication Association (SACOMM)

From Myths to Genetic Engineering – Transformations, Hybrids Yu-Chuan Tseng,and Cyborgs within Creative Works



Citations of Dreyer, E and McDowall, E. 2012. Imagining the flâneur as a woman. Communicatio Vol 38(1), April:30-44. (ISSN 0250-0167)  1  2  3

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Dystopia, Smithsonian Institution

Cambridge Scholars

World News


Rhodes University Library

Unisa online

Transcultural curating

Google scholar citation on utopia/dystopia

Jacana (Dystopia)

Citations of KKNK 2015

De Arte book review: Home lands - land marks : contemporary art from South Africa,
Tamar Garb (Ed.) 

Alex Hamilton portraits, KKNK 2013

AAH (Association of Art Historians, UK)



Art Map South Africa

ACM DL (Digital Library)

Seattle University, Search for Meaning


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