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Anthropocene 1-3, 2023. R21000
  • Anthropocene 1-3, 2023. R21000

    Antroposeen [Anthoropocene] 1-3, 2023. Ink on aluminium, 609x305mm. 

    Sold as triptych.

    My Anthropocene works show gradual erasure of our natural ecosystems. The term ‘Anthropocene’[1] describes the current period in the history of planet earth when human activity and the dominance of human presence are having a major impact on the planet’s climate. A ‘good’ Anthropocene is a situation in which humans take responsibility for their actions’ impact on the environment and nature. Especially feminists note how humans, nature and technology have a reciprocal impact on each other and change the definition of being human. Donna Haraway predicts more and more mutations between humans and machines and in The posthuman (2013) Rosi Braidotti argues that environmental consciousness brings about a reconsideration of posthumanism, since a heightened sense of the interconnections between the self and others is brought about. Such a sensibility rejects self-centered individualism and is aimed at the wellbeing of the larger community.



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