--Humungus thx for all your encouragement , fantastic tutorship and incredible hard work-

--Thank you Elfriede for this super opportunity. Your crit very much appreciated. Your comments always encouraging. Wow now I’m excited. Every comment a learning curve

--You are such an inspiration 😀- so innovative and energetic !!

--Thank you Elfriede for the helpful assessment and inspiration with the Workshop. It has inspired me and given me hope.


--Thank you for everything dear Elfriede. It was a wonderful course and challenging experience. It was great to see all the different work and how each artist approached the different exercises. Thank you for the feedback report. Very helpful. 

--Such inspiration from everyone. The crit is incredibly helpful. It was a wonderful exercise and I really look forward to more. Thank you for your time and incredible loving inspiration Elfriede

--Your lesson on putting an exhibition together is so insightful, Elfriede. I'll certainly walk through exhibitions in a more literate way!

--Thank you Elfriede 🤗 Ever the voice of reason, we are so incredibly lucky to have you to guide and encourage us