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3. Short Course in Professional Art Practice


The Short Course in Professional Skills can only be done as ONE unit, that is, comprising all FIVE Modules.

The course includes ONE Assignment.



The Professional Skills Short Course will equip you with an understanding of how fundamental design principles are applicable in the context of art installation. Various aspects such as balance contrast and focal point are discussed. These aspects are applied to the exhibition installation techniques. Guidance is provided on the framing and mounting of artworks, and you are equipped with the correct international methodology in creating a label for your artwork. You will be guided as to how to write an artist bio and artist statement. This course is strongly aimed at the acquisition of professional skills.


  • You will receive a report on the assignment.

  • After registration you will receive a link to the study material which you have to work through. 

  • Several web links are included; please visit these and read through in order to maximise your learning experience.  



Course material is online and not downloadable.

The study material of a Short Course consisting of 5 modules is available for R7500.00/$557.

Contact Elfriede at in this regard.