CAP Institute

  Est. 2015   Founder/Manager/Course instructor: Elfriede Dreyer 

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Short Courses and Certificate in Contemporary Art Practice

2. Short Course in Art Practice Advanced  


The Short Course will equip you with an understanding of more advanced techniques and methodologies in art production. More complicated methodologies such as found materials and multi-layering are investigated. This course is strongly aimed at the acquisition of skills and knowledge in art praxis.


FIVE modules and FIVE assignments are included. The assignments are not compulsory, but if you want to receive a certificate of completion for the Short Course, you have to complete TWO assignments.

  • You will receive a report on every assignment.

  • After registration you will receive a link to the study material which you have to work through. 

  • Several web links are included; please visit these and read through in order to maximise your learning experience.  



COURSE FEE:  R2500-00/$186   Enrol


Reduced course fee of R4600-00/$341 when you enrol for 2 Short Courses  Enrol

Individual Modules each: R500-00/$38  Enrol




Course material is online and not downloadable.

Course material for downloading is available at R1500.00/$112 per module in all Short Courses and the Certificate. 

The study material of a Short Course consisting of 5 modules is available for R7500.00/$557.

Contact Elfriede at in this regard.