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2.1 Chance

2.2 Anatomy of a Concept

2.4 Multi-layering

2.5 Photomontage

Short course 2:

Art Practice Advanced


Module 2.3: Found materials


Recognition: Certificate of Completion on completion of all 5 modules in this Short Course plus the assignments.


Course Category: Level 01

Target Audience: Artists who would like to experiment with the use of found materials or art lovers who would like to get more understanding of found materials. 

Course Duration: There is a one-month limit to do the courses after registration. It is difficult to determine how long it will take you to complete the course. The average time to read through the tutorial material is about 3 hours, but it can be longer, depending on how much time you spend on the links. 

Language: English

Course Value/Price: R400.00 VAT Incl


In Part 1 a historical introduction is provided to the use of found materials, collage and assemblage in art.

In Part 2 we look at the use of found materials in art today. Race and gender located in found materials.  political and socio-cultural associations in found materials.

What you will learn:

The history of the use of collage, assemblage and  found materials;

How artists use such materials in their work;

You will gain an understanding of the methodologies of using found objects and materials in art production;

You will learn how to use undisguised, but often modified, objects or products that are not normally considered as art materials.

There is an Assignment for this module. The Assignment is practical and should take about 1 day.


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