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Elfriede Dreyer Gallery launched in June 2020 as an online sequel to Fried Contemporary Art Gallery & Studio in Pretoria, founded in 2005 by Dr. Elfriede Dreyer and Charles Gijzelaar. The Gallery was sold as a successful going concern in 2014. It was selected as one of the Top 10 contemporary galleries in South Africa and was held in high repute due to its owners' integrity and high level of expertise in dealing with artists and buyers.

This is still our motto.


Elfriede Dreyer Gallery offers South African art of good technical quality; art that is content-wise relevant to a contemporary South Africa; and possesses or holds promise of good investment value. We offer art that reflects a diversity of issues pertaining to the world of South Africans, such as gender and identity; environmental concern; redress and decoloniality; trauma and violence; personal and social engagement; life in and outside the city; and African Modernism.

Artist participation is by invitation and selection.

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