Composition | Short Course | CAP


1.1 Colour

1.3 Markmaking

1.4 Perspective

1.5 Space

Short course 1:

Art Practice Basic


Module 1.2: Composition


Recognition: Certificate of Completion on completion of all 5 modules in this Short Course plus the assignments.


Course Category: Level 01

Target Audience: For art lovers or artists who want to learn more about composition in art; and how to improve their compositional skills.  

Course Duration: There is a one-month limit to do the courses after registration. It is difficult to determine how long it will take you to complete the course. The average time to read through the tutorial material is about 3 hours, but it can be longer, depending on how much time you spend on the links. 

Language: English

Course Value/Price: R400.00 VAT Incl

This module looks at fundamental compositional terms, the role of purpose in composition, compositional techniques and the application of these to artworks.  The rule of 'thirds' is looked at, as well as how to break this rule.

What you will learn:

Compositional theory
The design aspects relating to composition, including 
focal point, rhythm, contrast, movement, unity, balance, pattern.

Compositing in digital contexts.

There is an Assignment for this module. The Assignment is practical and should take about 1 day.


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