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In Contemporary Art Practice

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    Professional training in contemporary art practice for emerging and established artists. Workshops and courses cover conceptual and creative development; praxis - basic and advanced; art theory and history; and professional and exhibition practice. All levels of artists are welcome, from beginner to postgraduate. Offered by Prof. Elfriede Dreyer - More info

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    What? One- and two-day workshops in skills training 

    The one- and two-day workshops in contemporary art practice entail a specialist training programme consisting of workshops and visual presentations. Specific objectives are to improve technical competence; to gain theoretical and technical knowledge and insight; to develop critical reflection ability and resourcing methodologies; and to understand idea development processes.
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    The certificate course is a six-month course consisting of 8 modules in art practice, theory and history.
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    How? Critical and creative thinking development

    The workshops consist of theoretical discussions; concept, creative and critical thinking development; training in digital and technical skills; and critical assessment. During each workshop a topic relevant to art production, art exhibition, art marketing or art writing is theorised and discussed. Each participant receives individual attention as well as learn through observing the development of the work of others and the discussion thereof.